A Boarding School May Be the Answer

In cases in which a child’s defiant behavior has proven to be uncontrollable by the parents, a boarding school may be the answer. A change of scenery and authority figures may help the child that has emotional or substance abuse problems.

There are several different ways to go if you choose a boarding school for such a child. You may choose a conservative boarding school for the motivated child who takes the scholastic achievement on their own initiative. In this type of environment, no therapy is offered.

A military school may help in some cases. This is a setting with strict rules and an even stricter schedule, keeping the child occupied at all times. Again in this type of boarding school no therapy is offered.

A therapeutic boarding school may be the right match for a child dealing with self destructive issues. At these schools, improvement is guaranteed in your child’s behavior. They are more expensive, but therapy in individual or group sessions or a combination of the two is available.

Specialty boarding schools offer help to troubled youngsters, and their program is based on the individual problems of the child. These schools are also expensive, but offer a high rate of improvement in your child’s behavior. The system is normally based on rewards and as the students’ behavior improves more privileges are earned. Therapy is also usually offered in individual, group or a combination.

Boarding schools have several items in favor of them. First, a child is constantly supervised and has a structured environment. The teacher- student ratio is usually better than at day school. The courses offered in boarding school are more challenging than those in regular school, encouraging more academic growth. The student will learn responsibility and self sufficiency.

Before packing your child up and enrolling him, you must also consider the con side of boarding schools. Your teen will be away from his parents and family. Academic work will be harder than that of a regular day school. There will also be a period of adjustment for the teen. Finally, the school may have its own strict set of rules and regulations, which if not followed may result in your child’s expulsion.

Weigh these factors heavily against the problems your child is having. If you decide boarding school is the right choice, check around for schools nearest you that have exemplary reputations, and make your choice.